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EKO FIT High Density Shelving 4 Tier Starter Unit 1500mm x 300mm x 470mm KFS292/15/4

EKO FIT 4 tier
EKO FIT 4 tier

Designed for use in damp or corrosive environments, combining anodised aluminium frames and shelf supports with removable, easy to clean plastic shelf slats.

Product details

Load bearing parts are manufactured with high strength anodised aluminium, with plastic components molded to high resistance using basic acids and bacteria proof raw materials, easily removable and dishwasher proof.

  • Corrosion resistant for use in cold-rooms and chillers
  • High density solution - store more in smaller spaces
  • Easy to clean - ideal for use in hygiene sensitive areas
  • Load capacities from 110kg to 250kg per shelf
  • NSF, NF, Tuv Nord GS and HACCP accredited system
  • Easy to expand using Add-On units.

Unit kit comprises 2 end frames and 4 shelves with clips.

* Total unit length includes 70mm for frames.

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