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Plate Stacking Trolleys - PLATE-MATE®

PLATE-MATE® Stack & Serve saves space, time and money.

If you have a space problem in your kitchen, we have the solution.

With a range including mobile, wall-mounted and bench-top units, you'll find the PLATE-MATE® that is perfect for your needs.

  • Store prepared cold dishes vertically, freeing up valuable space
  • Strong stainless steel, aluminium and plastic construction
  • Quick to adjust - store any plate or bowl up to 50mm deep
  • Speeds service and saves labour costs.
  • Use in commercial kitchens, catered events, banqueting equipment - even a ships galley!

Mobile Plate Stacking
Available in Single, Twin or Collapsible models, Mobile PLATE-MATE's® are designed to create extra space in kitchens, prep areas and chillers.
Table Top Plate Stacking
Table Top PLATE-MATE® units are free-standing units with a rotating centre column and hand grip for ease of movement.Can also be wall mounted.Available in 4 sizes.
Wall-Mounted Plate Stacking
Designed for use in the smallest kitchens, these Wall-Mounted PLATE-MATE® units are ideal for locating above prep tables.
Thermal covers, wall brackets and tray supports for your PLATE-MATE®.
Spare Parts
A wide range of replacements parts are available for your PLATE-MATE® - please contact our sales team with your requirements.