25 years ago, when Shelfspan first started trading, the majority of our customers were looking for food services storage and handling solutions for the catering and hospitality industry.  Over the years, we have used what we learned to expand our product range to include solutions suitable for other business sectors with their own specific requirements.  Today, our shelving systems and trolleys are used across a huge variety of business types, including;


Catering and Hospitality

Hospitality is the UK’s fifth largest industry1, and is still one of the largest sectors we deal with.   With 2 generations experience of working with the managers, buyers, chefs and architects of hotels, restaurants and other establishments, we know that effective use of limited space, easy access, simple maintenance and excellent hygiene are crucial in a busy kitchen.  That’s why we stock a large range of shelving and trolleys, and we’re always searching for new innovative products – like our EKO FIT shelving, designed for use in damp or corrosive environments, combining anodised aluminium frames and shelf supports with removable, easy to clean plastic shelf slats. Or PLATE-MATE®, which stores prepared cold dishes vertically, freeing up valuable space keeping your kitchen organised and clutter free.
Source: British Hospitality Association (www.bha.org.uk/policy) Dec 2011

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Office & Education

Even in the digital age, the paper-free office is a long way from reality, but who wants to give over valuable property space to storage or spend excessive amounts on solving the problem?
With a range of storage solutions, we can help you find the right options to get your office organised, making the most of tight spaces and budgets.

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The retail sector is fast paced and constantly changing, with flexibility a crucial requirement to meet the demands of the changing stock and consumer expectations.
For both storage and display, the extensive ECLIPSE Chrome Wire range of shelving offers a wide variety of shelf styles and sizes to help store stock safely and display items clearly, with efficient replenishment and customer experience a key consideration.

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Organisation, security and safety are crucial to help reduce costs and increase productivity. Our selection of security cages, box carts and small parts storage help to keep manufacturing processes and shop floors run smoothly with minimum fuss.

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Medical & Healthcare

Hospitals, trusts, clinics, care homes - your job is tough enough without worrying about sourcing a hygienic solution to your storage needs.  Let us worry about the providing the most cost effective and efficient storage system for you.

Our antibacterial trolleys and shelving systems meet a raft of requirements which help to keep things running smoothly, and most importantly cleanly in the most demanding environment.

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