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Case Study - Bespoke Trolley for Washroom Unit

'Our partners from Shelfspan proposed a couple of designs and built prototypes. These were then trialled in a live environment in an IWS Service Centre, involving Operators, Service Delivery Drivers and Health & Safety colleagues.' - Initial Washroom Solutions
Initial Washroom Trolley
The Requirements

Initial Washroom Solutions (IWS) won a large contract with one of the top four supermarket chains to provide Feminine Hygiene Units for their washrooms across over 350 stores within the UK. The unit was a different shape and size to the current IWS offering and therefore presented a challenge to design a trolley to hold product within the IWS Service Centre Network and to move units to and from vehicles within the depot to transport soiled and washed product.

Shelfspan had in the past provided trolleys to IWS to hold/move product, and arranged with the Inventory Manager to survey an IWS site. We took the new style feminine hygiene unit requirements and designed a trolley to be fit for purpose.

The Solution

A robust plastic trolley with a capacity to hold 24 feminine hygiene units at a competitive price which satisfied both operational and health & safety requirements. The trolley met the specifications as it was constructed from plastic to minimise any damage to the units and fitted with non-marking swivel castors to make it easily movable.