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Pet Food Point-of-Sale Display - Case Study

'We have worked with Shelfspan for almost 4 years and during this time they have provided a very high level of expertise and professionalism in both ideas and support. At all times they produced and met some very tight deadlines. I would highly recommend their services.' -
Emma McKenzie, UK Sales Manager

Pet Food POS Display

The Requirements

To enable the customer to deliver a merchandising unit to their retailers that would make selling their product as simple as possible. They required a bespoke Point-of-Sale (POS) unit the would encourage prominent positioning and effective replenishment.

The Solution

  • To ensure a short lead time and for cost-effectiveness, Shelfspan decided the best option would be to base the unit around the existing Eclipse® chrome wire product range. 
  • For cost effective design and production, the unit was built with smaller gauge wire and narrower posts to keep material costs down. Using the innovative design of our Eclipse® range as a template, meant the unit had excellent strength-to-weight ratio and the open wire construction gave the airflow necessary to keep the product dry.
  • The units were made-to-measure to fit the required packaging size and meant that when new stock had to be replenished, the boxes could just be opened and placed directly on the unit, making it a quick and simple process.
  • Ticket edging was added onto each shelf level to maximise branding space .
  • Swivel castors were added to the unit to allow easy manoeuvrability into the most prominent sales positions in each store.